Red-Eared Sliders

Meet our Red-Eared Sliders.

Red-eared Sliders are brightly marked, and look similar to the painted turtle. The carapace (top shell) of this species is higher domed than that of the Western Painted Turtle and is weakly keeled. We adopted both of our Red-eared Sliders since they are now illegal to sell in the state of MA.

Red-eared Sliders are one of the most common turtles in the Puget Sound area. They can be found basking in the sun around Lake Washington and ...

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Sulcata Tortoise

This is Tortie the African Sulcata Tortoise also known as the African Spur-Thigh Tortoise. They are the third largest tortoise in the world and adults can grow up to be as much as 200 lbs and they can live well up to 150 years or more.

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