Bethany Jakubson creates wonderful animal education programs for birthday parties, private events and corporate gatherings.

Meet the owner!

Bethany Jakubson has been interacting with animals since her high school years, volunteering at zoos and eventually accepting employment as a zookeeper. But her interest really started a lot sooner. From the young age of three, all she wanted to learn about was animals. Even her favorite books were all about animal facts.

Part of her zoo keeping responsibilities included doing live animal presentations and Bethany found that these experiences were the most exciting and rewarding aspect of her job.
She loved having the connection both with the animals and with her audience at the same time. Having someone overcome a fear of an animal by way of her program was always the best!

Bethany went on to study at Unity College in Maine earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education. While in college, she continued to work at zoos and eventually became involved with a traveling Natural History program, allowing her to travel with reptiles, birds, mammals and insects. She taught in schools, libraries and many resorts, accompanied by her entourage of creatures.

During her college career she traveled to South Africa for a month to study wildlife management with the University of Pretoria. She spent the time camping along side some of the the wildlife, learning a great deal about them along the way. Her studies during this time included animal tracking, tranquilizing and relocation techniques used to manage and preserve a variety of species and visiting animal care facilities.

After college, Bethany pursued her career with a traveling reptile company. This allowed her to continue teaching and include wit and humor in her presentations.

Bethany is now following her passion to work, not only with reptiles, but also with birds, mammals, amphibians and insects. With her own traveling business, she has the opportunity to train and interact with her animal ambassadors every day. Over the years she has rescued many animals and now wants to share all these creatures with as many people as possible. It is her passion and always has been. Showing others what she loves is what she does best.