Scarlet Macaw

Meet Amigo. Our Scarlet Macaw Parrot.

Scarlet macaws are large colorful parrots that live in Central and South America. Scarlets are one of 17 species of macaws and one of the largest Neotropical parrots. The Scarlet Macaw is arguably the most magnificent bird of the parrot family. With their wide strong wings, macaws can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. They often fly in pairs or small groups and often call to each other in raucous hoarse voices. The scarlet macaw has a strong, curved beak to crack hard nuts and seeds, and a tongue that can hold onto the kernel to pull it from the shell. They eat clay from riverbanks, though no one is sure why. Males and females both look the same. While some learn to speak, most macaws have limited ability to mimic.