Striped Skunk

Flower is a striped skunk. She was born in May 2015. They are native throughout the United States and are most famous for their strong smell. Fortunately Flower’s scent glands were removed so she can be used as an educational animal and won’t spray anybody.

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Fennec Fox

Milo is a Fennec Fox. He was born end of January 2015. The Fennec Fox is the smallest fox species in the world, only growing to be about 3-3.5 lbs. They are native to the deserts of Africa and have giant ears to help keep them cool in the hot desert heat.

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Sugar Gliders

Sydney, Prim and Roo are three Sugar Gliders. They are marsupials native to Australia, meaning that the babies develop inside a pouch on the outside of the mother’s belly. They look a lot like flying squirrels since they have the same membranes of skin, called a patagium, on either side of their body which allow them to glide from tree to tree.

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African Pygmy Hedgehog

Meet Peter Pan, one of our African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are insect eating mammals that are rapidly growing in popularity among all type of pet owners. They are naturally curious, friendly and timid while retaining a facial expression that always appears happy. This tiny little critter usually averages from 6-8 inches in length and has a pointed snout, round (dark) eyes, and unbarbed spines that serve as hair on their sides and backs.

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Meet Ande, our Chinchilla.

puck A chinchilla is a type of rodent native to the Andes mountains of South America. They are crepuscular, meaning they are very active at dawn or dusk. They eat and drink in small amounts sticking to desert grasses and shrubs. Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures who are mostly awake at night. They are typical asleep during the day.

Chinchillas have the softest fur in all of land mammals. Their ...

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